Residential, public and workplace EV charging made easy with Consumers Energy’s charging program!


Consumers Energy has launched its PowerMIDrive rebate that provides financial incentives for residential and commercial customers to deploy EV charging infrastructure at their sites. 


What programs are currently available through Consumers Energy? 

  • Residential infrastructure program: $400 rebate for Level 2 charger installations, with further savings for low-income residents 
  • Public and Workplace Charging Infrastructure Program: Up to $5,000 rebate for Level 2 charger installations
  • DC Fast-Charging Infrastructure Program: Up to $70,000 rebate for commercial customers installing a public DC fast chargers

Consumers Energy is committed to increasing EV charging capability and accessibility to drivers to improve grid and energy efficiency. To start the conversation about how you can participate in this program, complete the form at the top of the page. Are you ready to take advantage of this opportunity to become EV ready?