DTE is making it easier than ever to install EV charging stations at your property!


DTE has launched the Charging Forward program to drive EV education, infrastructure and adoption. DTE is providing incentives for public, business and fleet EV infrastructure. 


EV Charging Stations have been shown to: 

  • Improve employee satisfaction, achieve sustainability goals quickly, earn LEED points, and attract talent at your workplace
  • Be a deciding factor for residents looking for an appealing and modern place to call home, for multifamily residential communities
  • Increase retail foot traffic and lead to more purchases when offered by retailers
  • Establish community as a sustainability leader when local governments make the investment

DTE's strong commitment to reducing its carbon emissions by 80% by 2040 will be advanced through increased EVs and charging stations. Are you ready to help meet these goals by installing EV chargers at your property? 


What is covered? 

  • EV Service Connection: DTE fully funds all make-ready-infrastructure from transformer to meter
  • EV Supply Infrastructure: DTE provides rebates that fully or partially fund the EV Supply Infrastructure. The rebates* for commercial properties include:

    Level 2 stations: $2,500 rebate per port

    DC Fast Charging stations: $20,000 rebate per charger

  • Charging stations: The site host/customer will fund the stations, as well as own, operate and maintain them. 


Who is eligible?  

  • Business and commercial DTE Electric customers
  • Customers that have the right to install, own, operate, and maintain charging equipment at the location
  • Customers that install and maintain qualified chargers for at least five years


There's never been a better time to prepare your property for the EV movement. More and more, automakers are rolling out new electric vehicle models, and by 2040 there is expected to be over 559 million electric vehicles on the roads globally. Is your property ready to take advantage of this opportunity to get EV ready?

To start the conversation about how you can participate in this program, complete the above form - it’s that simple!

* Some restrictions apply. Inquire for more details.