Eversource is offering free power upgrades to install EV charging at your facility. 


Future-proof your property with free electrical upgrades to make your facility charger-ready.  Most businesses don’t realize that roughly 75% of the cost to provide EV chargers is in preparing the electrical load on their property.  Now, Eversource has you covered.


What’s included?  Eversource will cover the entire cost to upgrade your property’s power infrastructure, including: new transformers, electric panels, conduit and materials, design and installation.


Who qualifies?   Any non-residential Eversource customer located in Massachusetts who wants chargers on their property. 


Is it free?  Infrastructure upgrades are completely covered. No rebates, just direct pay. You pay for a minimum required number of charging stations. For ex: You can prepare your site for 10 chargers, and only buy/install 6 now.


How long does it take?   From application completion to site visits, design, engineering and construction, the entire process can take up to a few months pending on your facility layout. 


How we can help?  Our EV charging experts can walk you through the application process and assist you in completing all the necessary forms.  Once your power upgrades are in place, Greenlots can help you install your charging stations and provide the network software to manage and operate your new charging stations. 


Want to learn more?   Chat with us, or fill out your information and schedule a time to talk that works with your schedule.  We look forward to working with you! 

EV Chargers