Partner with National Grid in Rhode Island to install new electric vehicle (EV) Level 2 or direct current fast charging (“DCFC”) stations at your business or property.


Are you a company or a multi-family residence committed to sustainability? Are you looking forward to installing charging stations for EV drivers who park at your facilities? National Grid will help all approved projects with that! You will get the financial support that will defray the costs of charging stations’ installation at your location!


What’s included?  

  • You will get funding of up to 100% of the electrical infrastructure costs.
  • You will get assistance with choosing the best charging stations that fit your needs.
  • You will own charging stations, that will be installed and activated by your vendor.

Learn more about the approved National Grid EV Program vendors here.

  • You will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the charging stations and electricity costs (which you can choose to pass on to EV drivers). The charging equipment vendor will provide customer service support to the EV drivers.


What are the additional benefits?

  • With EV charging stations you will be able to attract new customers, retain employees or make your rental property more attractive than other properties.
  • Your company will be distinguished as an environmental sustainability leader in your community, with customers, and with your employees and tenants.
  • You will help Rhode Island reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve clean air goals.

Do you want to learn more? 
  • Read through the Program Brochure that provides the Program’s four-step process.
  • Look at the Program Application Form: documents the proposed project, including National Grid financial commitment.