It’s time to Power Your Drive, San Diego!

Bring EV charging to your property with a new SDG&E program

There’s never been a better time to bring electric vehicle charging to your residents and tenants. Through the Power Your Drive program SDG&E is installing up to 3,500 new charging stations at apartments, condominiums and businesses across its service area.

And since SDG&E owns, operates and maintains the charging stations, you pay nothing for equipment, operations, maintenance, or driver support. You pay only a nominal one-time participation fee and SDG&E covers the cost of planning, permitting and installation.

These state-of-the-art charging stations come equipped with SKYTM , the leading flexible, turnkey EV management solution from Greenlots. An approved solution provider of SDG&E, Greenlots offers an easy way to set up intelligent charging infrastructure for EVs at home or at work that help make the grid more efficient and save consumers money.

Learn more about how Greenlots and the Power Your Drive program can help you add value to your property while supporting the EV transformation:

  • Secure a competitive advantage—retain and attract EV owners
  • Demonstrate a commitment to cleaner air and innovative technology
  • Choose to have SDG&E bill you or the driver directly
  • Let us handle all ownership, maintenance, and driver support
  • Transition your fleet to EVs

For more information on how to bring EV charging to your property, click here!

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